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1 Piece indoor thermal pools for men and women
Ladies indoor thermal pool 1 Piece
1 Piece outdoor thermal pool
1 Piece heated indoor pool (normally water)
1 Piece outdoor cold-water pool
1 Piece children's pool

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After the hammam and sauna which is heated body rubbed with snow stimulate blood circulation of the skin and subcutaneous skin appear smoother and more radiant causes jams. Rub the skin with cold snow as a result of the body's defense system goes into action and provide protection hastalıklarakarş. In addition to these beneficial effects by stimulating blood circulation helps in regulating blood pressure. Operating time is 1-2 minutes.

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Kambala produced from trees within 21 liter bucket with cold water shock shower provides a natural shock effect.

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After you exit the sauna and steam room relief, relaxation shower also different order effects, light therapy, sound and music are used for entertainment purposes on. During the heated sauna and steam bath to cool the body in order to accelerate the blood circulation and entered the showers, sight, touch and smell would appeal to. Cold mist, tropical rain and storm effects is obtained by pressing the corresponding button. Each effect has its own smell, color, intensity and temperature of the water is.

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Steam Room for mankind since ancient times relaxant relaxing and healing is a health product. Ancient Roman culture where people relax with steam and discomfort that are known to get rid of. We have a positive effect on the metabolism of water and the water vapor in the pores of the skin by removing harmful toxins through sweat at the general TIB has been recognized in the world.

Steam room, wet heat detoxification of the body to help open the pores of your skin. Heat and humidity soothing aching muscles or arthritis, relief from stress, such as detaching the changing health benefits of cleansing the body is seen.

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Rassoul Bath is an old Arab rituals. Vegetable spring bath is a merger of the sludge. Special sludge mixture is applied to the entire body. Ergonomic protectors electrical heater body temperature to increase with temperature from gruppe slurry setting up in the body is provided. With the introduction of steam generator sludge again thanks to moisture on the skin absorbs dirt into mud.

With the introduction of the steam room shower systems Rassoul circuit gentle body massage with hand peeling grains of mud, dead cells, loss of blood circulation to adapt then ends with a shower.

Purifies the body by stimulating the immune and circulatory systems.

Rasul shower, especially dry and sensitive, damaged skin support, acne, pimples and eczema are the best kind of an aromatic bath.

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Classic wooden sauna (FIN Pine - redwood), prepared by an atmosphere of 90 - 110 ° C temperature, 10-25% humidity is working according to the dry sauna.

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1 head spa sauna

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Turkish bath, SPA complex is the most important area. The warm bath complex, starting with the area; Plenty of soap in the presence of water, foam, peeling, steam and move the heart immaculate that you feel when you come out with, never gives you a feeling that you can not get in the bathroom in your home. For Mr. and Mrs. separately prepared traditional Turkish Bath optionally scrub and foam massage service is also available.

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Salt therapy in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases have been adopted as an alternative medicine solutions. Central Europe working in the salt mines and those with respiratory ailments showing rapid improvement on improved therapy unit.

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