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You will feel yourself at home in the comfort of the standard rooms consist of a bedroom and bathroom. Standard rooms each one carefully, keeping guests' comfort and convenience a top priority decorated.

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Standard rooms Deluxe rooms bearing the same hardware features, offer more spacious living area. The average size of each of our Deluxe room 40 m2 and include a work desk.

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Thought to offer maximum comfort and equipped with living area of our suite room hotel will be the choice of looking at the house width. Suite rooms with spacious living areas of notable size 60 m2 is.

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Our King, living room, guest toilet, a bedroom, a sauna and bathroom consists of. In the bath tub and thermal water. King 60 m2 and there are special treats in the room.

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For the comfort of our guests with disabilities up to the door of the bathroom and closet of the standard rooms have been carefully designed rooms for disabled comfortable living area and a standard room at the same time offers the convenience of being associated with.

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